Who Won?

Congratulations to Anthony Meier, the big winner of the 37″ LCD TV! Tony just left Gammage & Burnham to found his practice in business law. We look forward to seeing Tony’s custom website with Business Law optimization when it is completed!

The winner of our cool flip video was Ralph Blake, of the Blake Law firm. Check out his website at www.accidentlawyersarizona.com!

Thank you to all who attended to make it a successful networking event. We hope to do more in the near future!


Veteran’s Day

Veteran’s Day is special for Anna Sherry and Sandra Del Tiempo.  Anna has a daughter, Magda, who served in the Army.

Sandra has three brothers who served in the military – one in the Army, one in the Navy and one in the Marines.  Two of her brothers served in Vietnam.   Ronny was 17 when he joined, lying about his age in order to serve.  Ronny was a war hero with several medals, including the Purple Heart.  After he completed his first tour of duty, Ronny wrote the President, requesting to return to Vietnam for a second tour.  Unfortunately, he was killed his second month there when he stepped on a landmine that we (U.S.) had forgotten we set.  He is memorialized by those who served with him as evidenced by this quote from a fellow soldier –

“I first met your brother on a flight from Da Nang to Bien Hoa so I expect we got to Nam about the same time.  We were headed to the 1st Cav Division.  Since everything was done in alphabetical order, he was right behind me and beside me on the flight.  I was barely 18 at the time.  We arrived at Bien Hoa and were put through a 3 day school to show us booby traps, rappelling and indoctrinate us to Vietnam.  At the end of the 3 days, assignments to units took place.  I was an 11D scout so I ended up in the recon platoon, however there were only 3 scouts there so volunteers were asked for to fill the other slots in the recon platoon.  Ronnie volunteered for the platoon very quickly as did 2 others.  I remember the reaction of other vets returning for subsequent tours to Nam when they asked for volunteers and figured it was not the place to be.  We were dropped off at the company barracks at Bien Hoa, given our equipment (rucksacks, canteens, ammo and rifles) and told to put it together and get ready for the flight out to FSB Hall.  I was totally lost on what to do.  Ronnie must have seen how confused I was and came over and showed me how to pack all my equipment together so it would ride the easiest on the back.  He took me under his wing for the next several days getting me settled in and teaching me how to survive until the recon platoon returned from a mission to the firebase.  From there, we were assigned to different squads in the platoon so our contact was minimal.  I do remember that he volunteered to walk point for his squad.  He was a man’s man.  He was my first impression of what a non-commissioned officer in the Army should be.  I remained in the Army and made it to the rank of Command Sergeant Major.  He was my example on how to be as a leader.  I have talked about him throughout my Army career to teach NCOs on what they should be like.  I guess that first impression of Ronnie lasted my entire career.  There is not a Memorial Day or Veterans Day gone past since his death that I have not prayed for him. …  Your brother was a friend and a hero to me.”

You can remember our fallen soldiers at the Virtual Wall –


There’s still time for Donovan’s!

We have 40 people who have RSVP’d to date!  There is room for around just 20 more; send your RSVP in today and mingle with your peers, meet your local representatives and managers, and learn a little about how Martindale-Hubbell & lawyers.com can work for you on Google, Yahoo! & Bing.  Don’t forget the great prizes – a 37″ LCD TV and a Flip Video!

RSVP today by emailing me or responding to the blog.

The Frutkin Law Firm provides Bankruptcy Help

When your clients’ are overwhelmed by debt, the Frutkin Law Firm can restore financial hope.  Jonathon Frutkin has been featured on Arizona Midday as well as KFNN 1510 Financial News Radio.  With offices throughout the valley, the Frutkin Law Firm provides discreet bankruptcy services.

Frutkin Law Firm

Frutkin Law Firm

RSVP for Donovan’s ASAP!

We have already received several RSVP’s for our first Networking Event in Arizona!  Please remember to RSVP soon as we have a limited number of attendees we can accommodate.  Fun, networking, drinks and prizes!  Meet your local Martindale and LexisNexis representatives, along with our management team.

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at Donovan’s!

Coming up Number 1 – Consistently!

Why would a firm who already was achieving the number one placement for Phoenix Business Lawyers switch vendors?  Because we do more.  Do a search for phoenix business law terms and you will likely find Hudspeth Law Firm dominating Google!  Don Hudspeth works closely with his lawyers.com SEO Consultant Earl Mock to strategically attack page one optimization.  Earl is the expert; he understands what Google values in a website and deploys it on behalf or Mr. Hudspeth.  Like all our SEO experts, Earl employs white-hat SEO tactics, but he is very competitive.  In one e-mail, Earl notified Don that he was number one on Google for all of his keywords except one, which was number three.  Earl stated that he still “…has some work to do“.

Hudspeth Business Law Phoenix

Hudspeth Business Law Phoenix

Jess Lorona – Website, SEO and Video

Jess Lorona, with the firm of Lorona, Steiner, Ducar, Coughlin & Horowitz, LTD. practices Personal Injury, Automobile Accident, Wrongful Death, Medical Malpractice and Criminal Law.  Check out his video – go to an attorney you will trust immediately.

Jess Lorona Personal Injury Lawyer

Jess Lorona Personal Injury Lawyer